Why do I need to get a quote?

Since we’re not a direct seller, we need to communicate with Amazon to process your order. This takes a few minutes.

Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

Currently we accept Bitcoin and are in the process of adding stable coins and others. Please reach out if there’s one you’d like us to add.

I can’t find an item

Reach out to us if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Prime Pantry Items, Kindles, Alexa Products, and Digital items(eBooks and Digital movies) are not supported. Important Notice: We are currently only accepting orders for products in "New" condition.

Do you handle the items?

No. Amazon does all the fulfillment, so your order will come from Amazon.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order is easy with Zellix. 

  1. Search on Amazon for the product that you wish to buy. 

  2. Either copy and paste the product’s link or the ASIN into the Search box in Zellix. 

  3. You then add the product to your cart. 

  4. Once you are ready to proceed with the order, click on the Checkout button, verify the shipping address and click on Get invoice button.

  5. Once the Invoice is ready, you can review the invoice. 

  6. Click on the Checkout button to view the final order amount. 

  7. Proceed to make payment and the order will be placed with Zellix.

How to search for an anonymous order?

If you have placed an anonymous order on Zellix, it is important to keep your Order number at hand. Click on the Search Order option on the top menu. You can then enter the order # and click on the Submit button. You can then track your order.

How to track an order?

In order to track your order, you need to go to orders and select the order that you want to track. If tracking details are available click on View Tracking Details to display the tracking information.

How to view an order?

Once logged in, click on Orders on the top menu. Click on the Completed tab to see all the orders. Locate the order that you want to view and click on View Order to open the details.

How to view account settings?

Once logged in, click on Account on the top menu. You will be able to view your account profile; change your password and other settings in this section.

Why is my payment not confirmed yet?

The time it takes to confirm payment depends on many factors that are out of our control.It is normal for bitcoin transactions to be delayed from time to time, especially when the network is experiencing high traffic or a transaction has been sent with low fees.